Why You Need More Hockey Sticks!


Had a crazy conversation the other day with someone I trust highly in the youth hockey stick game.  Sean Riley, Founder, Raven Hockey Sticks was reviewing our game plan as a potential partner (now prize partner to 10000shotschallenge.com) and he said we have a fundamental flaw and opposition, he even called it a barrier that he cannot retract that may prevent us from partner to get you the best prizes and best products for young snipers.

Sean said, the problem isn’t with the program.  It’s the sticks!  I was shocked.  What he said next surprised me.  Sean proceeded to tell me that Raven Hockey Sticks are not meant to take 10,000 shots.


Ready for the real SHOCKER!

He proceeded to tell me that NO STICK is designed to take 10,000 shots!

Sean made a whole lot of sense.  It’s not just Raven Hockey Sticks, its all sticks.  I mean, I never thought about it at all.  I just always had at least 2 sticks growing up for the ice and a bunch of older ones for the garage or street hockey.

I thought it was normal, but apparently with the price of sticks these days, parents aren’t ready to pony up an extra $100, $200 even $300 bucks for a new stick, back up stick or road hockey practice stick.

Players unfortunately are excited to use their sticks all the time.  There seems to be a notion out there that if you play with it you should practice with it.


Let me explain something that most people will overlook.  BIOMECHANICS.

First:  Your ice hockey stick is trimmed for you to perfectly align your shot on skates.  That’s about 3 to 3.5 inches higher then when you are playing street hockey.

Sure you would still benefit from shooting pucks with that stick.

Of course you will learn the feel of your game stick.

BUT is it worth it?  You will wreck the blade of the stick.  Concrete is a beast on sticks.  The structural integrity of the blade will be compromised.  NOT GOOD.

The shaft will start to change the way it responds.  Maybe not in practice, but most likely in a game the shaft will snap on you, because you created weak spots with all your shots and flexion points.

Back to the biomechanics, I started with.  If you shoot 10 or 10,000 shots with a stick that is 3″ to 3.5″ longer then what you experience on the ice, you will have an adjustment period every time you lace em up and start shooting.  It’s not going to kill your game, but it will cause some challenges for the first few minutes or more.  It might even cause you to “WIFF” on a good shot or worse, the game winning goal.

So why would you practice with your game stick?  You wouldn’t, at least I hope not, now that you know.

Besides the obvious chewing up your blade and eventually weakening the shaft, who wants to bend over to take a shot only to pull up 3″ short and miss going bardown and lighting up the red lantern!

So, back to why I started this rant “Why you need more sticks”.

Sean Riley and I came to the realization that more shots are better.

Problem: We need more sticks.

Solution: Its built in, keep growing.  Or buy 2 or more sticks when you get the chance and use the old one for off ice practice.

Sean even suggests DON’T BUY A RAVEN HOCKEY STICK for your practice stick.  He feels there are advantages to using an older stick for your road hockey, cut it down, increase it’s stiffness and practice with that.  Then let it fly on the ice with your Raven Hockey Stick.

Or if you really want to save a few bucks, visit your local hockey shop, see if they have some test sticks and if they sell them off.  That is the best way to save a few bucks on a stick that will be stiff as steel and force your young player to shoot with more emphasis and power.  This way, when your player hits the ice with their Raven Hockey Stick, using the proper flex and length their shots will be like laser guided weapons stretching the net to its limits.

What’s Sean’s solution?

Buy 2 Raven Sticks!  Yeah sure Sean of course you would say that.  But I have to agree, in fact, I think it was my suggestion in the first place.  Get 2 of the same sticks with the proper length and flex for your weight and height and retire that old stiff stick to the garage to use for your 10,000 shots challenge.

Want a Raven Hockey Stick?

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