If you are here, you are probably asking yourself;


Its not hard, but its not easy.  Well maybe it can be.


First of all, you need to be a value added partner in the industry we are working with.  Even if you are not, you may be right for our program as we expand our sport specific apps all the time.

FIRST:  Every sponsor needs to be validated with a multi step approval.  Of course if we invited you to be a sponsor, part one is already done.  You’re vetted.

SECOND:  Every sponsor is required to provide some value added prize package for our monthly draws, provincial draws or national draws for our random rewards program.

THIRD:  Qualifying sponsors will be considered for our TITLE SPONSOR position.  This program is a combination of the previously mentioned rewards programs as well as a strong marketing partner featured in our product reviews, emails, advertising, print and digital campaigns as well as reap the rewards of the TITLE SPONSOR position, including the annual contacts lists, premium positioning in our videos, training materials and in app promotions, starting with the app loading screen.


Another good question.  There are THREE primary sponsor programs at  These include (but are not limited to) the following;

1. National Title Sponsor

2. Email Sponsor

3. Prize Sponsor

Of course from time to time we have different sponsor programs we run, but these are three standard sponsor programs we run, that provide great value to our audience and great ROI to our partners and ourselves at

For more information on 10000 Shots Challenge TEAM REWARDS can help your team, contact us.




There are only 3 National Sponsors.  The three national sponsors positions include;

– Lifestyle Sponsor
– Equipment Sponsor
– Retail Sponsor

Only 1 sponsor per category as described above is approved and promoted in app, in all emails, videos, events and marketing.  Some sponsors may choose to be the title sponsor in more then one country, however it is not required.

National Sponsors are included in every email banner and receive the added benefit of monthly product promotions, product reviews and direct links to product and sales pages.

National Sponsors participate in a sponsorship program.  Taking advantage of marketing budget and increasing exposure to a focused audience using our marketing teams as an extension of your own.  Only better, faster and cheaper.  Sponsorship is an investment into a marketing team in return for daily and weekly emails, videos and campaigns.  In return you get daily exposure for your brand.  We do all the work.  You get all the glory.  You also will receive all the Player, Parent and Coach contact information annually.

YUP… when we add contacts to our niche focus lists you benefit from our efforts.  As we grow our contacts, you grow your contacts and return on investment.

National Sponsors also participate in our monthly prize program, state winners and national winners prize programs.

What that means is, National sponsors provide TWELVE prize packages per country (in participation), plus ONE national prize package and ONE prize per state/province.


A US National Sponsor would provide a total of 53 prize packs or products.

40 (hockey) states + 1 National + 12 monthly prizes

WHAT SORT OF PRIZES?  The types of prizes depend on the National Sponsor.

For example, Bardown Hockey, might want to provide 12 shirts, 40 hat shirt and shorts combos and 1 complete Bardown wardrobe overhaul prize pack.

A company like Warrior, Bauer, Nike, CCM, might like to coincide their prizes with new product launches like a new stick, glove helmet combo for national annual winner.  Whereas they may only offer a helmet or gloves or stick for our monthly prize program and one of the same for the state winners.

Retailers may offer a retail coupons or cashback bonus of sorts.  For example: twelve $25 gift cards, forty $100 gift cards and one lucky national winner $1000 in store gift card.

The options are endless.  All prizes are to be confirmed in contract and provided to in advance for in video promotion and award to winners.  Prizes will be shipped directly to the winners by


What the heck is an email sponsor.  Well for those that are not ready to commit to a larger marketing plan, we make available the level of Email Sponsor.  This is a chance to run one time emails.  Consider this your call up from the minors to the bigs for a one day contract.

It’s a hit or miss kind of opportunity.  You either light up the red light or you blow it and it’s back down to the minors until next time.

Good news is, if you hit a home run or light the red lamp, then you stand the most to gain.  All the sales are yours.  All the emails are yours.

This is a great sales booster to make quarterly targets.  It is also a fantastic and very inexpensive way to build your list without investing the time and money.  While we do not sell our list, we do make it available for promotion to our email sponsors.  With the right content and compelling offer, you stand a good chance to gain many of our list as your own for future marketing programs.

These are one off.  It is Pay-for-Play.  You write your content, you craft your promotion.  You supply the details, the links the whole playbook.  We review it like the GM of the team before you tell us to execute.  We will give your team pointers, best practices and even the cheat sheet to what works from experience.  In the end, we will send whatever you tell us to.  The results are all yours.


Some companies are not ready to dive in and sponsor programs with hard earned marketing dollars.  However they (your company and you) may just be interested in reaching our fast growing community to promote your brand or product.

One of the best ways to do that is being a prize sponsor.

Prize Sponsors are just what you think.  Companies submit prizes for review.  Our team reviews the products, records a video, creates a product specific video, blog post and email that focuses on the product donated by the prize sponsor.  Then…


Yes, we review your product, push it out to our community via email distribution lists, youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media programs (even the ones not yet created).  After that we make sure everybody gets a chance to WIN your product.


How do we make sure anyone can win?

1. Monthly Challenges

2. Monthly Draws

3. Monthly Draws for Athletes tracking shots with our app.

4. State/Provincial Prizes (annual).

5. National Grand Prize Winners (annual)



1. State & National Winner (Random Draw) – Every year we have shooters from around the world in different sports competing for their sports 10,000 Shots Top Shooter.  Well being the player with the most shots is cool, but its not about the quantity of shots, its the quality.  Everyone who completes 10,000 shots is entered into their state random prize draw.  We also have a national winner package.

2. Monthly Subscriber Challenges – Every month we have different prizes to give away to our subscribers.  You donate 12 products for review and giveaway, we do the rest. We review, we promote, we give it away to some lucky winner!

3. Special Challenge Sponsor – This one is special.  We work with our prize sponsors on a unique shot challenge to generate excitement and buzz.  It also creates a unique video trend for companies to use to market their products well beyond the challenge.  With the right challenge, crafted and managed with our teams help, your company gets exposure that goes viral for years to audiences you may never have been able to reach without the challenge.  Sponsors select the challenge, we run it, you provide the prizes, we help you select your winner and send the prize.

An example of the Special Challenge Sponsor for hockey would be “3 Bar Special” as in ping all three bars and in the net for a chance to win.

Another example for hockey is the “Nut Cracker”.  This one is cool and needs an assistant.  Set up your camera’s, we recommend 2 for best footage.  With your friend at the side of the net, they throw (or hang) a Walnut in the air and with you standing in the high slot you shoot the puck and pick it out of the air.  The bonus is if you actually crack the nut open with the puck.

Don’t like what we are shooting out there?!  Do you have a better idea or something you would like to propose to reach our community.  Just ask.  Contact Us and fire some shots at us.  We are pretty easy to work with as long as its a good idea, safe for our athletes, reputable brand and products and benefits our community and members.


For more information on 10000 Shots Challenge TEAM REWARDS can help your team, CONTACT US.


TEAM REWARDS ensure that every player on your team will receive rewards for their efforts and completing the 10000shotschallenge.