How Can I WIN Prizes?

Let’s start with a better question…

Who can WIN prizes?


Anyone can win.  This is not some elitist program.  This is for everyone.  This is all about developing shooters and going from good to great and performing at your best.

Anyone can win our monthly prizes.  We have random monthly prizes and rewards.

All you have to do is shoot, track and save.  That’s it, you are entered to win.

We also provide State and Provincial rewards programs as well as National Prizes, thanks to our awesome sponsors.

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How can I (you) WIN prizes?

Great question.  Everybody can win prizes.  The rules are simple.  When you track shots using our mobile or web app, you are entered into our random monthly draw prizes.

You can also win by completing in anyone of our monthly challenges.  That’s right, you don’t even need to use our app or track your shots for this one.  You complete the challenge and you can WIN!

Get your team enrolled in TEAM REWARDS and everybody WINS!

So how can you win…

1.Track Your Shots with the app

2.Complete the monthly challenges

3.Get Coach to enroll in TEAM REWARDS

There you go, three easy ways to win prizes from


Hey you heard it.  YUP you read that right, we have team rewards.  Coaches you can register your team, challenge them to 10,000 shots challenge and reward them with cool gear, equipment, retail promotions and more!

What is a TEAM REWARD?

Read the post about TEAM REWARDS.  In a nut shell we have a program dedicated to teams that want to strive for excellence and be empowered. has partnered with the best in the world to provide you the coolest swag available.

To get your team rewards complete the form below and one of our team members will contact you with more information.