Until you read this…

Spending some time talking with Sean Riley, Founder, Raven Hockey the only company truly designing sticks exclusively for young hockey players, has brought me to the realization that you should NOT buy a Raven stick if you plan on making it your only stick for on and off ice practice.

Nor should you buy a Raven Hockey Stick if you plan to use it exclusively for the 10000shotschallenge

There is nothing wrong with a Raven hockey stick.  In fact Raven Hockey Sticks are the best sticks for players typically 13 and under.  However, it’s the abuse you are about to subject it to.

Think about it.  If you shoot 10,000 pucks in a season, everything is going to start to show some wear and tear.  Your gloves will thin out.  Your blade will start to grind down and delaminate.  The carbon fibre in the shaft will weaken and you will break down muscle.  Luckily for you, unlike your stick, your body will rebuild itself as a stronger, faster, better shooter.  Your stick can’t do that.

So keeping that in mind, now consider, what are you really spending your money on and why?

Get a Raven Hockey Stick for game play only.

Grab a Raven Hockey Stick for game day back up.

Retire that old stiff fibre or chunk of lumber and use it in the garage or for road hockey games.